Applecore Design, Inc. is actually a who, not a what. In other words, our company is really the people who work with you every day. First and foremost, that's me — Melanie (Mel) Stahl. I created Applecore in 1997, putting my experience and expertise in design and printing to work to help some wonderful companies achieve some exceptional results. You may have even heard of a Celestial Seasoning, Telluride Ski Resort and more than 80 medical practices throughout Colorado. Over the years, I built my business by focusing on clean, enduring design; delivering on my promises and genuinely caring about the work I do for each and every client. And my natural tendencies toward multi-tasking and overachievement make freelancing a natural fit for me. I actually thrive on deadlines and the pressure of designing and managing many projects at once! Call me crazy, I know.

And while I'm not one to boast about experience, I can tell you that 18 years in the industry means I've seen and done a lot — and I know how to get things done the right way, the first time. Plus, I know who to go to for the best quality work to support every aspect of your project needs, from printers and web developers to marketing strategists, copywriters and photographers.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm not an "all work, and no play" kind of gal. I'm actually married to
Just the Guy and a mom of two great kids who amaze me each and every day. Plus, I'm a passionate traveler
as well as a Nia Black Belt Instructor. And oddly enough — I'm actually allergic to apples!